Hoist IPL 205 – Bariatric


The perfect choice for hospitals and nursing homes.

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The IPL 205 is designed to lift patients safely and securely in a wide range of slings.

The size of the IPL 205 allows for excellent clearance between the patient and the mechanism of the lifter.


Head and leg clearance is sufficient to allow a patient to be easily rotated even when at maximum lift height.

The lifter’s range allows for easy lifting from the floor and at a height of 2000mm leaves a generous clearance over high beds or bath sides.

The unique combination of features in an economical well finished package makes the IPL 205 the perfect choice for hospitals and nursing homes.


  • Electric base width adjustment
  • Excellent clearance between patient and lifter
  • Patient easily rotated
  • Perfect choice for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Safe working load of 205kg