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The Etac Turner Transfer Aid reduces risk of patient falls…..

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The Etac Turner Transfer Aid reduces risk of patient falls during transfersfrom one seated position to another.

It should only to be used for patients who canadequately bear their own weight.

Suitable for users up to 150 kilograms.

  • Unique patient turner and transfer aid that facilitates seat to seat transfers, for patients who are able to bear their own weight when standing
  • Allows carers to work ergonomically, withoutstrain to back or arms while still maintaining eye contact
  • Promotes continued mobility as patient actively moves to a standing position
  • Movement up and down controlled by thepatient for enhanced security
  • Low footplate (13 mm high) makes foot placement easy while non-slip surface offers additional security
  • Only handle height and knee-brace require adjustment between users
  • Smooth running castors for use on anysurface

Compact and easy to position with knock-down folding function for easystorage and transportation