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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 6’’ wheel and an 8’’ wheel on a rollator?

We recommend an 8’’ wheel for more outdoor use as it provides a smoother ride over any bumps that may be in your pathway. A 6’’ wheel is more suitable for a smoother surface such as those inside a home or shopping center.

What is the difference between a shower stool and a shower chair?

A shower chair has a back on the chair where as a shower stool doesn’t. We recommend a shower chair for those who have trouble supporting their upper body in an upright position. Both have the useful features of non-slip feet, adjustable legs and handle either side of the seating surface.

What is the difference between underarm and forearm crutches?

An underarm crutch sits up in the arm-pit area whereas the elbow ones only extend as high as just below the elbow. It is a matter of personal preference as to which would be more suitable. The elbow crutches also come in an arthritic handle to evenly spread the weight across the palm of the hand.

Does Coastcare Medical buy back second hand equipment?

Unfortunately at Coastcare we do not have a second-hand dealers license so we are unable to buy back your old equipment to sell on. If you are looking to buy or sell second-hand equipment we recommend The Trading Post, Gumtree, The Thursday Ad or Ebay.

Do you service or repair equipment?

Yes, we have a great maintenance department! For more information, please see the service and repairs section of our website.

What is the delivery cost?

We have a very large area on the Mornington Peninsula that falls into our free delivery zone, outside that delivery charges are calculated on how far we must travel to get the equipment where it needs to go. There is always a $16.50 pickup fee regardless of where the equipment is being retrieved from.

$16.50 minimum freight fee amount

Can I buy the equipment I am hiring?

Yes, we have a hire to purchase system. It works by taking the hire fees and deposits that have been paid off the purchase price of the equipment, and you keep the equipment that is already in your possession.

Do you have a seniors or disability discount?

As majority of our customers fall into those categories, we adjust the prices of all our items to take this into account.

I am a DVA card holder, how can this help me?

To have equipment provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs, firstly the person needs to be assessed by a GP, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. Once a recommendation of equipment has been made, we get in contact with DVA for approval of funding. Once approved we organise and deliver equipment, generally within a 48 hour period.